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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Consultation

We offer a free phone consultation to new clients.  During this consultaion we will discuss your particular situation, any specific concerns you have, time frame for getting your home on the market and/or challenges you are facing if you are on the market already and aren't getting the results you were hoping for.  We will take this time to get to know you and help you find solutions that will begin to relieve some of the your stress.  We work with some great Realtors that are also willing to answer questions for clients that aren't working with a Realtor already.
Please email us with your name, phone number and MLS listing number (if you already have a listing).  Please put "free phone consultation" in the subject line of the email.  Email us today and we will help develop a strategy that sells.  We look forward to hearing from you.  debra@thestagingmatters.com

Question of the Week

by Debra of Staging Matters

Should I turn a bedroom into an office?

This is a question that I have gotten a few times lately.  In the North Texas area it is estimated that much of our workforce utilizes a home office.  Living and working in DFW has lots of perks but sitting in traffic on your way home to Southlake or Coppell is not one of them.  For this reason more and more professionals are starting to work at least some of the time at home. I think it is a good idea to stage an office if you have the room.  My rule of thumb in most family oriented communities is that if the home does not have a designated office and it has more than 3 bedrooms then yes I will stage an office.  When staging a bedroom as an office I will not go over board as I want the buyer to be able to imagine a 4th bedroom as well.  I will usually put in a leggy desk (takes up less visual space) and some sort of daybed or futon.  This helps people see all the possibilies for the room. 
In general if you are unsure about how to stage an area of your home ask a Professional Stager in your area what is most desired in your neighborhood.  We are trained at helping you get the best return on your investment (ROI).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

: Savvy Home Sellers Are Looking For REALTORS® That Offer Home Staging Consultations

by Cindy Bryant, a Stager in Houston

More and more homeowners understand that in any market, especially this one, a seller needs to do everything possible to get a home sold. That's why they are looking for real estate agents that offer this service, or know of a home stager they can recommend. A home staging consultation is the most cost effective service a seller can get before putting their house on the market.
Why do Home Sellers Want Professional Home Stagers?

•Home sellers don't want a generic list of "Things to Do"handed to them from their agent.

•They want personalized service from a professional stager that can pinpoint specifics about their home and make recommendations.

•They want an unbiased opinion from someones that's not involved with the commission.

•They want to know with confidence that their home will show better than their competition down the street.

•Real estate agents shouldn't be concerned with the buyer being insulted in suggesting the use of a home stager, quite the contrary, sellers are looking for this add-on service.

•They know staging is the hottest marketing and merchandising tool out there.

•It also gives the home seller satisfaction knowing that the agent is doing everything he or she can do to help sell their home.

•Don't have the time to do it themselves.

•Understands the concept, but doesn't know how to implement the process themselves.

•Lacks the decorating skills, and has better things to do.

•Sellers know it's a must in today's market and it's a win-win for all parties involved.

•Some real estate agents will pay for a home staging consultation as part of their marketing plan, but typically a home seller pays for costs associated with home staging.

•All REALTORS® should be able to recommend a professional home stager that can provide not only staging advice, but furnishings and accessories for a vacant home.

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