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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Realtors Love Staged Homes and Their Stagers!

by Debra Rosser of Staging Matters

1. A professional home stager can say things to clients that a realtor is hesitant to address because of the longer term relationship they have with their clients. Stagers can address cleanliness, curb appeal, ugly wallpaper and less than desireable paint colors. Often a realtor has already hinted at the improvements but knowing a stager is coming in to reinforce those issues and help the homeowner find practical ways to address them is increasing the probability that a homeowner will take action. A good home stager is not shy about addressing all areas of the home that need changes.

2. A staged home is more likely to look great at Open Houses and showings. This will help the home sell faster and for more money. When a house sells quickly the amount of marketing dollars is less, the reputation of the realtor is enhanced and the commission earned is greater.

3. Most homeowners have a hard time seeing their properties as a product and making that shift from “this is my home” to “this is my biggest investment” is key to keeping homeowners motivated to make changes. A good home stager is a good communicator and will help the homeowner detach from the property and do things that make the home appeal to a wider audience.

4. Staging a house is one of the most effective marketing tools an agent has. Staging is always cheaper than a price adjustment and reinforces that earning a homeowner top dollar is a priority. Staging reduces the need for price adjustments in many cases.

5. Great home stager’s clearly communicate expectations of how a house should look at a showing and motivate the seller so that no opportunity for a sale is lost.

6. Time is money. Agents should spend their time getting listings and creating interest in a property. A good home staging plan takes hours to prepare and this just isn’t a good use of an agent’s time.

7. Staged homes sell for more money and they sell faster than homes that aren’t staged. Staged homes don’t sell for a little more money or a few days faster; they sell for thousands and tens of thousands more dollars and for upwards of 40 percent faster. These two benefits to your clients will earn you a stellar reputation in the business.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Staging and Wikipedia

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