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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Will Buyers Really Look in My Closets?

You can count on it.  Buyers do open closets.  Here are some quick tips to get your closets in the game.
1.  Almost without exception I tell my clients to pack up at least 1/2 of their closet before they even begin to organize it. 
2.  Use all the same hangers if possible.  I don't care if they are wire, plastic, flocked or wood.  Just get them uniform and hang them all in the same direction.
3.  Clear the floor.  Not most of the floor, really get everything off the floor.
4.  Use a system for clothes.  Hang the shirts, skirts, dresses, and pants together in groups.  Then organize in each group by color.
5. Have a shoe plan.  For most women this means you need to pack up most shoes and have a system for keeping what you must keep out until you move....and remember they can't be on the floor.  See rule number 2.
6.  Put odds and ends in baskets and store neatly on shelves.
7.  Keep dirty clothes out of sight (and smell) and covered up.  Wouldn't you just hate people looking at your dirty....socks?
8.  Vacuum the carpet inside the closet.