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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Mistakes a Seller Can Make When Trying to Sell Their Home

This article was born after a particularly interesting day visiting Open Houses in Highland Village and Coppell.   It is a lot of work to have a home on the market.  Seek the advice of your Realtor or Stager when preparing for an Open House in North Texas.

number 10-  If you remove a light fixture put another one in its place.  Don't just put a metal cap on it.
number 9-  If you are going to leave the closets open when showing the house make sure the closets are not scary looking.
number 8- Don't hang signs up all over the house for buyers.  "This room could be a nursery"  just doesn't cut it. 
number 7-  Having dirty carpets but putting up a notice that you are willing to give a carpet allowance.  Deferred maintainance is a red flag for buyers.  Clean the carpets and if they still don't look great consult with your Realtor and Stager about whether replacing them makes good financial sense. 
number 6-  Leaving keys in any doors just isn't safe.  When you have an open house remove keys, medicines, bills, jewelry etc. 
number 5-  If you have a great backyard, with an awesome outdoor living space  it is not a good idea to leave your killer gaurd dog outside.  Buyers won't go outside if the dog looks menacing.  Take the dog with you so buyers will see all the great things your backyard has to offer. 
number 4- Don't hang out with your agent during an Open House thinking buyers won't figure out who you are.   Go away and let the agent concentrate on those visiting your home.  Everyone is more comfortable asking questions if you are not there.
number 3-Don't leave the answering machine volume up when you are showing your house.  Imagine getting a call from the bank or a repair person when someone is looking at your house. 
number 2-   Cooking broccoli and other strong smelling foods while your house is on the market could leave a lingering distraction for buyers.  Be in tune to the smells associated with your home...they can either really work for you (smell of cookies, fresh laundry, Pledge) or really work against you (smoke, broccoli, mold, cat).
and number 1- Never underestimate the possibilities when your  house gets a showing!  You have this one shot; be prepared so they see your property at its best.  Every showing could be your last if you play your cards right.

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