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Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparing for a Stager's Visit

Do you clean before the housekeeper comes over? I do. I act like a crazy woman insisting that every tiny thing finds its place. This week was no exception. I gave out the orders and did the inspections. Now you should know that the young woman who cleans my house doesn't speak my language but always finds a way to communicate. She would laugh if she could see all of us running up and down the stairs getting everything just so. She is so important to me (and my sanity) though that I don't want to stress her out by making her "figure out" where things go.
It occurs to me that some of my clients must do this before I come over. In fact, once every couple of weeks someone postpones our meeting for a week or so because the "house isn't ready". When you really think about it
 though please know that it is a requirement of my job to be able to see past clutter, dirt, toys, etc. Putting your house on the market is very stressful. Please let me eliminate your stress at every turn. Don't waste your time or energy getting everything "just so"; I am going to help you know what to pack and move anyway so we might as well do this part together mentally and/or physically just once. I have even known sellers who put away too much!!! Rest assured that I live in a real house, with real people, real pets, real laundry and way too many toys. Trust me, I can handle chaos. The sooner I come, the sooner we will be done and you can move on.